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In January 2022, Malaysia recorded 30.25 million social media users which was equivalent to 91.7% of the total population, although it’s crucial to note that social media users may not represent unique persons. A study on “News Consumption Behavior of Young Adults in Malaysia” found that Malaysian young adults’ news consumption is shifting to digital media, including internet websites and social networks.

This shows that their appetite for news has not diminished, quite the contrary, interest in news and information is fairly high. This advances an understanding of Malaysian young adults’ preference for online news particularly entertainment news. Thus raises the need for online media to address the complexity of online news being entertaining while keeping young adults informed.

Understanding our audience’s preferences in media consumption has impacted the way we shaped two of our media brands – Rakita and mySukan TV.

Becoming the voice of Malaysian youths to share their voice and talents

We aim to become the voice for Malaysian youths by providing a platform for the youth to voice their opinions, highlight their talents and share inspirational stories with other listeners and followers, in order to nurture Malaysians who are socially positive, active and progressive.

Through Rakita, we have published a variety of youth-focused content such as interview segments with young talents, special documentaries for fans of the indie community, podcast series discussing youth agendas, as well as playing songs with a unique genre selection such as indie music consisting of several sub-genres such as pop, ballad, rock, hip hop, metal, punk and many more.

Connect with indie music community through Rakita

Rakita is well known among youths and indie fans, especially the indie music community as a media platform that supports and leads the indie industry.

More than just a radio station, Rakita is a 360° media solution committed to publishing unique and fresh infotainment content specifically for youth by focusing on indie (“independent”) talents in various fields. including music, visual arts, business, sports and esports, and many more. Since our establishment, we have created various infotainment youth-focused content through its integrated platforms namely Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

A platform dedicated to highlighting the grassroots sports scene in Malaysia

mySukanTV is a media platform that highlights grassroots sports and talents in Malaysia through live streaming of sports matches, sports news updates and video content. Our team is experienced and skilled in sports journalism, public relations, and digital marketing inclusive of social media and video content production.

As a KBS-owned media platform managed by Impact, we aim to be the leading platform for grassroots sports in the country. We have four different types of sports content curated to highlight Malaysian sports talents at all levels, specifically the grassroots ones.

Our content is organised into three sections: livestream sports matches, sports news, and video content. Under these categories, we have created five products: mySukan Live (livestreaming sports matches), mySukan News and editorial (news), mySukan Bytes, and mySukan Hangout (video content).

The brand embraces several unique value propositions aside from being the only sports media brand endorsed and associated with KBS, it includes being the first sports content platform in Malaysia to livestream and provide media coverage to sports events at schools, colleges, community, states or national level. We are also focusing on elevating traditional and less popular sports such as footgolf, floorball, lawn ball, BMX, kabaddi, pencak silat, muay thai and more.

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