At Impact, we often review and improve our policies and benefit offers for our employees. We believe that by being progressive in adding the perks for our personnels, we are also supporting our employees to work at their best.


Self Care Day

A four-day entitlement is given to all employees for them to utilise during the days that they need a work break without getting a Medical Certificate.


Study Leave

Employees who have enrolled themselves in training programmes and exams connected to their jobs are given three-day study leave each year, separate entitlement from the annual leaves.

Condolence Token

All employees are eligible for condolence token, and by providing them with an allocation of RM500.00 per person for every lost loved ones, this may enable the family members to get financial support.


Paternity Leave

In Impact, we give fourteen (14) days paid leave entitlement to all fathers in our company upon the delivery of their legitimate child or children from the first legal marriage.

Wedding Gift

All newly-wed employees in Impact will receive a thoughtful gift in the form of RM100 gift allowance per person for their first legal marriage.

Newborn Gift

At Impact, we want to become an organization of people who really care about the people we work with. With this policy, all members of Impact Family will be given a gift of RM100 allowance upon delivery of their legitimate child or children from the first legal marriage.

Mobile Phone Allowance

Eligible for employees to ensure they are readily contactable as when the need arises. This policy is applicable to all employees, amounted up to RM100 or RM150 based on their respective levels.

Work Travel

Our employee travel benefits prioritize your comfort and convenience. Enjoy economy class air travel, a daily subsistence allowance, mileage reimbursement for car travel, and the option to use the company’s vehicles for a seamless travel experience.


Annual Leaves

Employees are entitled to paid annual leave beginning 22 days after job confirmation. Impact families with a minimum of five years of employment were eligible to request a 24-day yearly break.

Marriage Leave

To celebrate one of the greatest milestone in our employees’ lives, we created a marriage leave policy that grants three (3) days of paid leaves to confirmed employees on their first legal marriage.

Medical Benefit

Our medical policy is continuously reviewed and enhanced to provide comprehensive coverage that perfectly aligns with your needs. Your well-being is our priority, and we strive to offer you the best possible benefits at all times.

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