Impact Integrated's Fraud Notice

To the general public, all visitors and users of please be aware that Impact Integrated (“Impact”) has been made aware that its name, logo, trademark/marks and appearance has been identified to be used without the authorised permission, consent and/or approval by Impact. Impact wishes to warn the public at large that these fraudulent, harmful and misrepresenting activities (“Negative Activities”) are being conducted under the guise of Impact with either wilful malicious or harmful intent and Impact does not condone or support such acts. To avoid the general public from being affected by the Negative Activities, Impact hereby states and clarifies the following:
  1. Impact has its official website at (“Official Website”);
  2. Impact has its official social media presence at (collectively “Official Social Media Accounts” or singly as “Official Social Media Account”):
  3. and these are the only Official Social Media Accounts of Impact and in the event a new Official Social Media Account is created, this list will be updated.
  4. All activities of Impact will be shared via its Official Website and/or its Official Social Media Accounts;
  5. Impact does not charge a fee for the application and participation in its programs offered on its Official Website and/or Official Social Media Accounts;
  6. Impact does not appoint any other third-party individuals or organisations to represent or act or conduct business, events or programmes on its behalf unless specifically stated by a legitimate representative of Impact;
  7. Impact shall not request for any personal information unless it is in relation to an application for its program(s) which is organised and/or applied through and/or advertised on its Official Website and/or its Official Social Media Accounts;
  8. Impact does not request for any information related to the general public’s bank accounts or private information;
  9. Impact encourages the general public to engage with Impact via its Social Media Accounts to verify any claims or false usage of its name, logo, trademark/marks and appearance; and
  10. In the event you have encountered any Negative Activities carried out under the name of Impact and/or purported to be carried out under the name of Impact, we remind the general public to not disclose their personal details and to report such Negative Activities to