KBS Launches the First Steps Towards a More Sustainable, Inclusive and Guided Development of the Malaysian Esports Industry through the National Esports Development Guideline (NESDEG)

PUCHONG, 20 JUNE 2023 – The Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Hannah Yeoh today launched the National Esports Development Guideline (NESDEG) as the first steps towards a more safeguarded development of the Malaysian esports industry, and as a reference point for industry stakeholders.

As stated inside the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS)’s Strategic Plan for Esports Development 2020-2025 (“Strategic Plan for Esports”), multiple guidelines were outlined to help boost and encourage the continuance of esports excellence in Malaysia. Through a collaborative effort via KBS’s esports initiative Esports Integrated (ESI), Bahagian Dasar dan Perancangan Strategik KBS and a strategic partnership with Futurise, a company under the Ministry of Finance, NESDEG was drafted with the participation of various stakeholders from public and private. 

NESDEG aims to provide guidance to all stakeholders on a more effective management, rights and responsibilities among industry players and stakeholders aside from outlining the guidelines and procedures to make better decisions, internal controls, and risk management.

There are 6 main thrusts under NESDEG covering various scopes that are essential for the development of a safe, vibrant, inclusive and sustainable esports ecosystem, namely:

  1. Contract Management of Players
  2. Implementation of Governance in Event Organising
  3. Monitor and Protection of Minors
  4. Code of Conduct and Ethics
  5. Career Path Guidelines
  6. Application of Science and Sports Medicine

Various agencies and departments under KBS such as Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN), Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negara (JBSN), Institut Sukan Negara (ISN), Pejabat Pesuruhjaya Sukan (PPSM), Agensi Anti-Doping Malaysia (ADAMAS) and Sekretariat Industri Sukan (SIS) were involved in the first round of internal KBS drafting, starting from 2021. Several engagements and workshops were conducted afterwards throughout 2022 with various stakeholders ranging from government agencies and ministries from Ministry of Education (KPM), Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM), Ministry of Local Government Development (KPKT), Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD), game publishers, event organisers, professional players, esports influencers, and team owners to ensure the guideline meets the industry’s urgent need. 

“NESDEG is a culmination of collective efforts by various government agencies and departments with esports industry stakeholders, to ensure that a balance is struck between establishing a sustainable regulatory framework and the interests of the Malaysian esports industry and community. The esports industry and community must come together and embrace recommendations made within NESDEG chapters to ensure everyone involved are protected.”

YB Hannah Yeoh, Minister of Youth and Sports.

“It is important to note that NESDEG is a set of recommendations for the ecosystem to follow and is not yet a regulatory framework. It’s the first step towards codifying regulations that is progressive and comprehensive. We encourage all stakeholders to familiarise, implement and provide feedback on the current version.”

Ahmed Faris Amir, CEO of Esports Integrated.

“We believe that the industry requires a more hands-on approach by the government on various issues pertaining to the industry. A more protected environment encourages confidence within the larger esports community that will positively impact growth and development. Through the association with National Regulatory Sandbox, we will be able to see the application of NESDEG in assisting industries and government in the aspect of Future Economy to increase Malaysia’s overall competitiveness through innovation-driven and adaptive policy-making.”

Rosihan Zain Baharudin, CEO of Futurise

To ensure NESDEG is widely adopted, ESI will be running a nationwide educational campaign consisting of roadshows, on-ground forums, online discussion rooms and featured contents to encourage a more hands-on and active discussion and eventual adoption by the ground community.

NESDEG will be revisited and revised periodically, through a series of workshop engagements with various stakeholders to ensure the guidelines’ relevancy and effectiveness for the esports industry. Members of the public and esports industry stakeholders are encouraged to adopt NESDEG into their daily operational practices.

Members of the public are also able to provide feedback and suggestions to improve by visiting NESDEG.my

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