Vice President, Management

Duties & Responsibilities


  1. Provide strategic recommendations based on financial analysis and projections including revenue/expense analysis
  2. Oversee the financial strategic planning of the company by evaluating its performance and potential risks
  3. Supervise budgets that meet the requirements of company departments
  4. Establish targets and manage all finance employees including the auditors
  5. Prepare timetable templates, guidelines for the annual budgeting process and lead the yearly forecast process
  6. Coordinate, coach and support all budget holders; managers in delivering budgets and forecast as required
  7. Manage the financial reporting for the organization. This includes monthly financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting in relation to financial plans and all statutory financial reporting
  8. Providing insights to enable the company to make critical business decisions

Human Resource

  1. Establish and implement HR efforts that effectively communicate and support the company’s strategy
  2. Develop HR plans and strategy to support the achievement of the overall business operations objective
  3. Work with the CEO to establish a plan for career succession 
  4. Develop strategy for recruitment and retention plans
  5. Develop and implement comprehensive compensation and benefit plans that are competitive and cost effective
  6. Provide overall leadership and guidance to HR function by overseeing talent acquisition, career development, succession planning, retention, training, leadership development, compensation and benefits
  7. Establish and monitor staff performance and development goals, assign accountabilities, set objectives/goals, conduct annual performance appraisals and administer salary adjustments


  1. Oversee all special project operations relating to compliance including policies, procurements and procedures
  2. Design and monitor control systems to deal with violations of legal rules and internal policies
  3. Regularly assess the efficiency of the control system and recommend effective improvements
  4. Review and evaluate company procedures and reports to identify hidden risks or common issues
  5. Coordinate with all business units to review department policies
  6. Perform periodic audits on company processes

Public Relations & Communications

  1. Set objectives for the team and monitor performance
  2. Assign task and projects to the team
  3. Manage sensitive issues to maintain company’s good reputation

Asset Management

  1. Overseeing contractors and handling the security and cleaners
  2. Ensuring the building is maintained, improved and managed
  3. Manage vendor partnerships
  4. Forecasting the upcoming needs and requirements

Lead the team of Finance, Human Resource, Public Relations & Communications and Asset Management.

Job Requirements

  1. 5 or more years’ of experience in a managerial role
  2. Ability to make and execute decisions strategically
  3. Demonstrate leadership presence and maturity
  4. Strong interpersonal, relationship building and negotiating skills
  5. Great understanding of business functions which includes Finance and Human Resource
  6. Experience in either E-commerce, Radio or Social Enterprise is also preferred


Please send your updated CV and portfolio to