What is Impact Integrated?

Impact Integrated is one of those companies in which, by design and history, consists of businesses and functions that are vastly separate from each other. Putting together a social impact agency, digital media and traditional radio platform, an e-commerce platform for local homegrown product, asset management and affiliation with the Malaysian government – what are the odds of putting these together?

This is a story of how Impact Integrated got its name.

The entity prior to Impact Integrated is historically different, and the complex structure is a result of their evolution. Previously, this organisation is a government initiative to make volunteerism a culture. And it succeeded at that – with more than 2 million volunteers engaged, 7,600 volunteer projects successfully executed, 50 corporate engagements and 1,400 volunteer outreach centre set up in youth-centric areas, throughout its years of existence.

The backbone of all these, is a group of more than 60 productive people, who are passionate about youth and doing good.

I received the mandate to helm this organisation, six months after Malaysia Baharu is conceived. The organisation was, and still is – a vibrant group of people wanting to impact the country, despite their morale being affected by uncertainty. Many left, but some stayed.

So, I started a quest to find the right badge of honour. A name we can wear with pride and purpose. The team huddled and discussed to find one common ground that all of them can relate, together. Impact Malaysia, the flagship youth development initiative wants to execute a multistakeholder model, to make social impact a culture. Rakita is evolving to be a multi-platform infotainment media company, ranging from radio, digital, augmented reality and real-life media team. Spacerubix is now utilising every single nook and corner for maximum usage and impact as a community event space. Picksum, the youngest baby, is growing a steady stream of vendors and customers and impacting the youth entrepreneurship space.

It all comes back to the word ‘impact’. And all the business units, however far off they are from each other in terms of industry – they complement each other. All entities are for youth development, and social innovations by its own. Impact Malaysia has the crowd, Rakita has the voice, Spacerubix has the space, and Picksum has the platform.

For that, we decided to call ourselves Impact Integrated. We might be Malaysia's first social conglomorate - if we are not, we intend to be the best!

So, we decided to call ourselves Impact Integrated. We might be Malaysia’s first social conglomerate – if not, we intend ourselves to be the best!

We vision ourselves to be sustainable, to be Malaysia’s household brand in youth development and to be that company with a big heart, impacting people, society and the environment.

To drive these home, we huddled again and decided on six core values to essence our work:

1. Integrity: Integrity is one of the fundamental pillars upholded at Impact Integrated. We inculcate the value of integrity within each and every single employee. We believe in being transparent and ethical in every aspect of our business.
2. Entrepreneurial: We believe in embracing the entreprenuerial spirit by being critical and proactive in making business decisions.
3. Growth-focused: We believe that to successfully grow a company, we must ensure that we create an environment where our employees can grow and develop with us.
4. Consultative : Being consultative is a two-way street. We aim to create a culture of willingness to accept and seek out advice and feedback from others as well as a willingness to provide the same.
5. Social Consciousness : As a social conglomerate we believe in creating a positive impact for society with each of our business endeavours.
6. Innovative: We seek out and actively prioritize innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

Impact Integrated wants to have that culture of excellence. As boring as it sounds, we have to be that good – making impact a culture is a task that needs an organisation with a strong character. If I imagine this company to be a person, it will be someone young. A hustler. A changemaker. An influential voice, with a diverse string of skills under its belt.

This year is Impact Integrated’s first year, and we are definitely looking for a fun-filled journey ahead. Stay tuned!

Ahmed Faris

Chief Executive Officer

Impact Integrated