“Impact Integrated is a strategic catalyst agency under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, for innovative youth and sports initiatives.”

What is our role as a Strategic Catalyst? Impact Integrated adopts a multi-pronged approach to empower youths and sports initiatives. This led to the creation of 5 brands under the banner of Impact Integrated, each fulfilling a different purpose but all working seamlessly under a singular integrated group. As a strategic catalyst, we bring experience, expertise, and strategic methodologies to help catalyse, create, consult on and innovate youth and sports centric initiatives. We ensure that our initiatives will always be strategically aligned with the mission, vision and goals of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Our mission is to inspire Malaysian youths to create and take part in high impact projects through our social initiatives and programs.  Our vision is nurturing future leaders amongst the youths to create meaningful social impacts.  We devote ourselves to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better youth society. We embrace five core values that are centered in our brands and culture:
  1. Integrity:  Integrity is one of the fundamental pillars upheld at Impact Integrated. We inculcate the value of integrity within each and every single employee. We believe in being transparent and ethical in every aspect of our business.
  2. Growth Focused:  We believe that to successfully grow a company, we must ensure that we create an environment where our employees can grow and develop with us.
  3. Consultative:  Being consultative is a two-way street. We aim to create a culture of willingness to accept and seek out advice and feedback from others as well as a willingness to provide the same.
  4. Socially Conscious:  As a social conglomerate, we believe in creating a positive impact on society with each of our business endeavours.
  5. Innovative:  We seek out and actively prioritize innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve.
Impact Integrated is a strategic catalyst consisting of 5 separate but integrated brands:
  1. Impact Malaysia:  The leading high-impact social innovation and youth empowerment initiative. We enable, advocate and amplify social impact championed by youths. Visit impact.my.
  2. Spacerubix:  The most desired modern space with personalised services for community and sports happenings. Visit spacerubix.my.
  3. Rakita:  More than just a frequency, Rakita is a multi-channel infotainment media brand tailored for youth. Our youthful content is all about fun, inspiration, fresh, positivity and Malaysiana. We are not just for listening, but also for watching and interacting.  Visit rakita.my.
  4. Picksum:  The marketplace to support Malaysian brands, causes and artists. Bringing and growing brands offline and online.  Visit picksum.com.
  5. Esports Integrated (ESI):  A national initiative created to catalyse a vibrant and sustainable esports ecosystem. This initiative is powered by Impact Integrated under the purview of Kementerian Belia dan Sukan, Malaysia.  Visit esportsintegrated.com and esukan.gg.
  6. mySukan TV:  The leading platform for grassroots sports and talents in Malaysia, through Livestreaming, News Delivery and Video Tips on Health and Lifestyle. Visit mysukan.tv.

“Together we can carve out the path that is sustainable, impactful and youth-driven.”

- Ahmed Faris Amir, CEO of Impact Integrated